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Nilambur, situated in the east part of Malappuram District in the State of Kerala, India is a migration area, where poor Muslims reside. Rich and trained Christian Missionaries and very active in the area. To uplift the poor, downtrodden Muslim community, a band of dedicated Islamic activists started an Islamic cultural complex in Nilambur, in the year 1989, their only asset was their sincerity and dedication. The complex consists of an orphanage. The inmates are provided free food, clothes, shelter, and medical treatment, spiritual and modern education for more than 300 students. The Sharia College trains Islamic scholars to become the imams, khatibs, teachers and Islamic missionaries (Da’ees). The vocational training institute imparts training in various trades like Computer Application. The hostel accommodates poor and talented students. The complex caters educational, cultural and spiritual needs of more than 1000 students. The monthly expense exceeds Rs. 500000.00. The management of the complex has ambitious plans to establish many other institutions like Senior Islamic Hostels and Institutions for Poor and needy Muslim girls and also programmes like scholarship schemes and relief centers that will cater to the changing needs of the Muslim community of the region. The complex has no permanent source of income. It depends solely on the donation of charity of the philanthropists and well-wishers to meet the financial expenses. We very earnestly solicit financial, social and moral assistance and help of all the Muslim brothers and sisters for this noble mission. Verily, Allah rewards the spenders